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Hi there. My name is Preston. Welcome to my website about tree services. When a big windstorm rolls through the area, your trees could suffer damage that puts their wellbeing at risk. Losing large branches often causes damage that the tree struggles to recover from in a timely manner. You can help your tree survive by enlisting the help of a skilled arborist. The right treatments and fertilizers give trees the support they need to repair the damage without inhibiting growth. I encourage you to visit my site often to learn more about these support services. Thank you for coming by.


What You Need To Know About Installing An Automatic Sprinkler System

Water. It is the source of life for human, animal, and plant alike. You need to water the grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees in your landscape often if you want your yard to remain vibrant and lush. Unfortunately, your schedule might not allow enough time for you to manually move sprinklers from one location in your yard to another. An automatic sprinkler system is the answer to your watering woes. Installing an automatic sprinkler system lets you take the effort out of watering your yard so that you can more fully enjoy your outdoor living space.

Evaluate Your Vegetation

It's important that you take the time to identify the type of vegetation planted in each area of your yard. It is common to have plants that need differing amounts of water within the same landscape. If you don't factor in these variable water needs, your automatic sprinkler system may end up causing some vegetation to develop root rot and die. The solution is to install a sprinkler system that features zones. You can program each zone independently to ensure that all plants are receiving the right amount of water to keep them happy and healthy.

Check Sprinkler Head Sizes

Proper planning is critical to the success of any automatic sprinkler system. One mistake that homeowners can make is failing to account for the size of the sprinkler head when designing an automatic watering system for their yard. Sprinkler heads come in varying sizes, and each head has a unique watering radius. Knowing the radius will allow you to space sprinkler heads effectively so that you are not left with dry spots in your yard. There should be a slight overlap between the watering radii of neighboring sprinkler heads for maximum coverage. 

Use the Right Sprinkler Heads

If you don't have a lot of experience working with automatic sprinkler systems, you may not be familiar with the many types of sprinkler heads available on the market today. You should combine these sprinkler heads to create a watering system that meets the unique needs of your yard. Use fixed spray heads near sidewalks and driveways. Since these heads spray water in a fan-like manner, you will avoid wasting water on the concrete or asphalt. Heads equipped with misters should be used near delicate flowers or ornamental plants that might sustain damage if exposed to a stream of water being sprayed at high pressures.

The right heads in the right locations will help ensure the success of your automatic sprinkler system over time. For more information, contact a company like Noble Tree Service Inc.