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Hi there. My name is Preston. Welcome to my website about tree services. When a big windstorm rolls through the area, your trees could suffer damage that puts their wellbeing at risk. Losing large branches often causes damage that the tree struggles to recover from in a timely manner. You can help your tree survive by enlisting the help of a skilled arborist. The right treatments and fertilizers give trees the support they need to repair the damage without inhibiting growth. I encourage you to visit my site often to learn more about these support services. Thank you for coming by.


Are You Transitioning From An Apartment To A House? 3 Strategies For Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn

Moving to a house after living in an apartment represents a major transition. After all, a maintenance team typically does the majority of the lawn care at an apartment complex. Although it does take some time and research to learn the basics of yard care, it is possible to keep your yard in good condition while you learn. As a new homeowner, one of the best things you can do is keep weeds from growing in your yard since these plants tend to quickly turn into a major eyesore. Use these strategies to keep weed growth down so that you can enjoy pulling up to your driveway each day.

Inspect It Regularly

Weeds tend to pop up after heavy rains that are followed by large amounts of sunlight. You will also notice that weed growth occurs more often in the early spring and summer months, but they can show up any time of the year. Ideally, weed problems should be addressed as early as possible, and you can even stop an issue from getting worse if you pull one or two plants before they reproduce. Walk through your yard once a week to check for any new weeds. Then, pull them and mention the issue to your lawn service crew.

Keep the Grass Healthy

A strong grass cover helps prevent weed growth by crowding out the plants before they can spread seeds, and a lush lawn helps prevent sunlight from reaching weed seeds. Start by making sure that your lawn care company keeps the grass mowed at the correct height. Then, fertilize and reseed your lawn as needed to encourage optimum growth.

Start Early

Pre-emergent herbicide treatments stop weeds from sprouting by disrupting seed germination. Since some mature weeds develop a waxy coating that blocks traditional herbicides, this strategy stops weeds before they have a chance to grow resistant to common treatments. Work with a professional lawn weed control service to develop a schedule for using herbicides that fits the type of grass and weeds that grow in your lawn. Then, make sure to address new weed growth as early as possible since they are easier to remove when they are young plants.

Your first year in a new house is full of many new experiences, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed at all of the things that must be done to maintain a lawn. By knowing how to keep weeds from growing in your yard, you can ensure that your grass stays healthy so that you can keep your house's curb appeal. For more information and help with your lawn care efforts, consider enlisting the help of a professional company, such as Ross Tree Company.