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Hi there. My name is Preston. Welcome to my website about tree services. When a big windstorm rolls through the area, your trees could suffer damage that puts their wellbeing at risk. Losing large branches often causes damage that the tree struggles to recover from in a timely manner. You can help your tree survive by enlisting the help of a skilled arborist. The right treatments and fertilizers give trees the support they need to repair the damage without inhibiting growth. I encourage you to visit my site often to learn more about these support services. Thank you for coming by.


3 Signs It Is Time To Hire An Emergency Tree Removal Service For Your Home

The trees in your yard add visual excitement and beauty to your residential property. They provide fresh air and natural shade to your loved ones and pets. However, your trees can become hazardous to your family if they are unhealthy or weak. For instance, a weak tree can fall on your car or house and cause severe property damage and injuries to your family members. If a tree is threatening your family's safety, you should have it removed from your yard as soon as possible. 

Below are three critical signs to help you know it is time to book an appointment with an emergency tree removal service for your home.  

Your Tree Is Leaning Towards Your House

As a homeowner, you should take action immediately if one of your trees is leaning towards your house. When left unattended, the tree may fall on your residential building and cause severe damage to your roof or other components. The tree may also cause injuries to your house's occupants. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an emergency tree removal service as soon as you notice this problem to prevent a disaster from striking your home.

Your Tree's Roots Are Causing Damage to Your Foundation

If your tree's roots come in contact with your residential property's foundation, they may compromise the stability of the entire house. For instance, overgrown roots may cause severe cracks in your foundation, which will weaken your building. They may also damage your underground pipes, leading to leaking and water damage in your home. Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate to hire an emergency tree removal service for your home if your tree's roots are causing damage to your foundation. 

Your Tree Is Irreversibly Damaged By a Storm

The trees in your residential yard should be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. However, even the most stable trees in your landscape are not immune to storm damage. If a heavy storm hits your home, it may cause irreversible damage to your trees. A tree damaged by a storm is dangerous to your loved ones because it may collapse on your house when you least expect it. Therefore, when a heavy storm strikes your neighborhood, it's advisable to hire an emergency tree removal service to remove the damaged trees to prevent accidents or further damage.

As a homeowner, you should never hesitate to contact an emergency tree removal service for professional assistance when you notice weak, sick, or damaged trees in your yard. Taking immediate care of your trees will create a comfortable and safe environment for your loved ones. A certified and insured tree removal service will offer you high-quality services.