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3 Misconceptions About Tree Trimming

Tree trimming helps you maintain healthy trees by removing dying branches that may have an infection that can spread to other trees. Also, trimming your trees can improve your home's curb appeal as pruned trees look attractive. 

If you have weak, dying branches, they can fall unexpectedly and injure your family, especially your children and pets. The falling trees may also cause severe damage if they land on your roof or expensive equipment.

Trimming will help you avoid such accidents and save you from costly repairs. The following are common misconceptions about tree trimming that may cause you to make mistakes when trimming.

You Can Trim All Trees the Same Way  

Fruit trees shouldn't be trimmed heavily as shade trees. This mistake can interfere with the fruit tree's yielding capability as it will have fewer branches for fruit production. Also, various species of trees require different cycles of trimming. Some trees may need to be trimmed once a year, while others may require frequent trimming. 

For instance, oak trees, hedges, spruces, and cedar trees need frequent trimming. Conversely, trees like maples, pine, and apple trees require less trimming.

You Can Trim Trees During Any Season

The best time to trim trees is during winter, as they are dormant, making them less prone to pest infestation. Also, the trimming professionals can easily see what they are doing as the trees will have fewer leaves. Tree species like maple, birch, hickory, dogwood, and redbud usually lose their leaves during the cold season. 

However, trimming during summer isn't entirely wrong. If you want to eliminate small branches or have safety concerns, it's okay to go ahead with trimming. Trimming during fall can be bad for the trees as it may prevent them from going into a natural dormant stage. While this mistake can negatively affect your trees, it won't cause irreparable damage, so you shouldn't be too paranoid about trimming in the wrong season.

Tree Topping Is Fine

Tree topping refers to cutting off large branches of trees. This practice is mainly done to reduce the size of overgrown trees that may pose a danger to the surrounding buildings. However, tree topping is a flawed trimming method as it leaves severe wounds on the tree, which can get infected. The infection can spread to other areas of the tree and cause it to start dying.

Moreover, topping removes a significant number of leaves from the tree. Hence, the tree may not have enough leaves to absorb sunlight through photosynthesis. The tree will struggle to manufacture food which can cause it to die off.

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