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Protecting An Animal's Home During A Tree Removal

If you have a tree on your property that poses a risk to your safety or your home, you might wonder how to remove it without harming the animals that call it home. Wildlife species, particularly birds, heavily rely on trees. Therefore, removing a tree can harm the animals that depend on it. However, there are ways to mitigate the negative impact and safeguard wildlife while prioritizing safety.

Choosing the Right Time

The first step is to choose the right time for tree removal. Different bird species have different breeding seasons, and you want to avoid disturbing or destroying any active nests. Some birds may nest year-round, so you should always inspect the tree and the surrounding area for any signs of nesting activity before the work can commence.

Complying with Regulations

If you find an active nest, you have two options: postpone the tree removal until the nest is no longer in use or consult a tree removal service. They may consult with a qualified independent biologist for guidance on proceeding. 

Depending on the species and the situation, you may be able to relocate the nest to a nearby tree, or you may need to obtain a permit or authorization from the state or federal authorities. In some states, it is illegal to harm or kill any native bird or destroy its nest.

Getting Started

Hire a professional tree removal service with experience and knowledge in wildlife protection. You can also ask if they have completed any certification programs that train them to protect nesting birds and other wildlife. 

Protecting Wildlife

The professional team should inspect the tree again before starting any work and look for any nests or animal homes that may have been missed during the initial inspection. They should stop work immediately and contact a wildlife rehabilitator if they find any wildlife. 

Removing the Tree

The team should also use proper equipment and techniques that minimize noise, dust, and debris that could harm or stress the wildlife. They then use a chainsaw to cut the tree into smaller pieces, which they can easily remove. They then carefully lower each piece to the ground so it won't cause any damage. They should also dispose of the tree material in an environmentally friendly way, such as chipping, mulching, or composting.

Cleaning Up Afterward

Once completely removed, the tree removal service cleans up the area, removing any debris and ensuring no hazards are left behind. Following these steps, they can remove the dangerous tree without harming the animals inside. You can also help create new habitats for wildlife afterward to support local biodiversity, such as by planting a new tree or shrub.  

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